Children’s Library

The Abu Dhabi Children’s Library is a new state-of-the-art library designed to inspire and entertain youngsters.

Spread over three floors, the 5,250 square meter. It is divided into several age-appropriate, immersive social spaces and will boast three-dimensional learn/play spaces in which children can physically immerse themselves, becoming part of a story.

An open, friendly and inviting space, featuring whimsical, colourful designs inspired by the nature of Abu Dhabi, including a ‘Book Mountain’ at its centre.

Each floor will have a different design concept that has been inspired by the rich and diverse landscapes of the UAE with cool features including sand dunes a child can read on and an oasis landscape with a falaj water channel flowing with books. The library will house a large and diverse collection of books, including fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, autobiographies and audio-books.

Children will be encouraged to talk, perform, play and interact with one another in collaborative, open spaces. In addition, a number of quiet zones for reading and studying have also been placed throughout the library, encouraging concentration and focused learning.

As well as all that, year-round programmes on literature, art, film and music will turn the library into a vibrant cultural hub inspiring exploration and creation, as well as a dedicated exhibition space to host exhibitions showcasing the works created by children as well as displays for younger audiences.

To open in 2019.