Vernacular Culture: Integrate, Collaborate and Change Open Call


An upcoming online zine journal published by Cultural Foundation inspired by Souffles-Anfas - a groundbreaking literary magazine published in Morocco from 1966–71. It will be produced during the Mohammed Chabâa: Visual Consciousness exhibition.

As a member of the Casablanca Art School, Mohammed Chabâa and his colleagues (known as ‘Casablanca Group’) transformed the school’s curriculum for the post-colonial era by centering on Morocco’s indigenous arts and crafts as opposed to colonial culture and by encouraging collective production.

The group was inspired by patterns from Morocco's vernacular arts and crafts, starting with indigenous textiles and jewellery, and this formed their modern art. They wanted to train local artists to become conscious of their autonomy and ability to apply their work within the challenges of modernisation in Morocco. The group later joined the Souffles-Anfas (‘Breaths’) journal, which became the intellectual platform for Morocco’s new generation of intellectuals, artists and poets, and their re-examination of culture in the post-colonial context. Souffles was an underground, unofficial cultural platform, disseminated through mail, small kiosks and by word of mouth. 

Inspired by the writers and artists of Souffles, the Cultural Foundation now invites submissions to explore everyday culture through the topic ‘Vernacular Culture: Integrate, Collaborate and Change’.

Submissions do not need to refer to the Casablanca Art School but should be related to vernacular culture in the applicant’s own environment. They can include the format of design or architectural renderings, digital art, prototype ideas, images of original artworks, photography, audio/ video (to be accessed as QR codes in the zine), poems, essays or even a transcribed conversation.

Vernacular culture is defined as cultural forms created by one or more members of a community, as part of the everyday environment.

During the production of the Cultural Foundation online zine journal, successful candidates will refine their submissions through interaction with the artist Khalid Mezaina. The Submissions will be selected by the Cultural Foundation Team, Fatima-Zahra Lakrissa, Morad Montazami and Khalid Mezaina.

General Submission Guidelines

  • Add titles to all individual pieces.
  • Use the name of the piece, or, in the case of multiple poems or works of art, the title of the first piece, such as the filename.
  • Send larger submissions through a WeTransfer link.
  • Submissions accepted until 13 June 2021

Visual Art Guidelines (artworks, photography, design or architectural renderings/prototypes)

  • We will accept art in JPEG, PNG or TIFF formats.
  • Artwork must be 300 DPI. 
  • Artists may submit up to eight pieces. 

Written Guidelines

  • We accept submissions in DOC format.
  • One essay of a maximum 2,500 words.
  • Up to four poems are allowed at 500 words maximum per poem.
  • Submissions of an interview or transcribed conversation can be up to 1,500 words.

Video Guidelines 

  • We accept video submissions in MP4 format.
  • Up to three videos can be submitted.

Audio Guidelines 

  • Audioworks should be in MP3 format.
  • Up to three audio works can be submitted.

For enquiries and to submit your application, email