Films Showcasing Pioneering Emirati Artists

A film initiative that showcases pioneering Emirati artists in their homes, studios and other places where they feel most inspired, to speak about their experience from their childhood, the neighborhoods they grew up in to their first ever exhibition.

 We learn about the UAE and how it formed its art community, through these artists who were the first in the Emirati art scene, and the struggles, difficulties and obstacles they had to overcome to form a career for themselves and for the generations to come.

These films show how the Cultural Foundation played a big role in supporting the artists and helping them pave the way to a bigger career in the arts and providing them with all the means necessary to prosper.

Featured Artists:

  • Abdulrahim Salem
  • Dr. Mohamed Yousef
  • Khulood Al Jaberi
  • Mahmoud Al Ramahi
  • Mona Al Khaja
  • Obaid Suroor