Müller & Makaroff (Gotan Project) PresentsPlaza Francia Orchestra


Plaza Francia Orchestra is an international musical project by a trio of famous musicians headed by vocalist Catherine Ringer (from French band Les Rita Mitsouko). They sing compositions by Argentine Eduardo Makaroff and Swiss Christoph H. Müller, from the highly acclaimed Gotan Project.

Tickets: AED 75, AED 100, AED 125, AED 150

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Minimum Age: 6+ years
Cultural Foundation Theatre
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22 November 2019 08:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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Plaza Francia Orchestra

After rearranging Tango with GOTAN PROJECT and celebrating the marriage of Tango song with the legendary Catherine Ringer (from Les Rita Mitsouko) in PLAZA FRANCIA, Müller & Makaroff continue their musical exploration in Plaza Francia Orchestra.

Inspired by the tradition of dance orchestras - “las tipicas” - belonging to the history of Argentinian Tango, they have created new explosive tracks. In order to do that, Eduardo and Christoph collaborated with Paris’ crème de la crème Tango musicians from the new generation: a new arranger, a new singer and young instrumentalists.

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