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5:00 PM
15 Dec 2020

The Art of Resin & Acrylic Pouring with Nassim Al Majed

Learn techniques for creating custom artworks with Countertop Epoxy's art products, specifically resin and acrylics. The class will be conducted by artist Nassim Al Majed on Microsoft Teams and an access link will be provided upon registration. Items required: clear resin (any brand), wooden board (any size), acrylic paint and brushes, spray paint or pigment powder, torch and heat gun, masking tape, plastic sheet to protect the table underneath, large wooden sticks (popsicles), plastic cups (large and small), glitter and stones (optional), mask, gloves, apron, carton or plastic box bigger than the wooden board.

Entry: 200 AED for single workshop | 480 AED for package of three workshops

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